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The Royal Bank Of Scotland aka RBS is one of the big 4 banks in the UK.  Millions of PPI policies were sold by the RBS Group. Now consumers who were RBS borrowers are finding themselves trapped in a maze when they believe they have a legitimate compensation for RBS PPI claimS for the mis-selling of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).


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It seems that numerous RBS borrowers are trying to do their best and followup RBS PPI claims or expected payments over the phone but ultimately are unable to make contact with anyone who can help them or give them the information they need. Further, there also appears to be a growing number of RBS credit card and loan customers who are going many weeks without receiving their payments and are unable to obtain any help, despite their best efforts. From reports we have seen here at Brownstar, these individuals are attempting to file their claims on their own.

We know for a fact that many Royal Bank of Scotland PPI claims total in the thousands of pounds, even when credit card holders believed that they did not use their cards very much. In other words, if you were an RBS customer, you may have a much larger compensation due to you that you would at first expect.


Listening to RBS credit card customers discuss the mis-selling that gives them legitimates claims for compensation, one senses virtually all of the industry problems that led to this scandal in the first place. Unfortunately, without guidance, a great number borrowers seem to lack the information or confidence to properly make their cases.

Those who held RBS credit cards or loans are in an especially difficult, complicated and confusing situation because the company sold off its credit card business and loans to other banking institutions. Further, RBS’s business model of applying over the Internet or through a call centre, poses even more barriers for customers to successfully apply for RBS PPI Claims compensation on their own. This is where our experience and proven systems reap huge rewards for those who used RBS credit cards or had taken out loans originally with RBS.
The mis-selling can take several forms and we have dealt with them all in our experience through the many RBS PPI claims we have successfully filed. See if any of these situations sound familiar to you.


The problems former RBS customers are having today when they try to receive the PPI awards that are due them, in some ways reflect the way PPI was originally mis-sold. The lender was not always forthright with its customers and it is for this reason that so many RBS credit card and loan holders are due large compensation awards now.

While purchasing PPI can make sense for some borrowers, for many it is virtually a worthless product and RBS often failed to disclose to its applicants the many instances when PPI would not assume loan payments. In other words, credit card and loan customers were paying for an insurance product that would not be there for them when they needed.
The list of “exceptions” is long and includes categories such as the self-employed and some who suffer from chronic illnesses. The list is too long to present here, but our experienced team has worked with all the categories and seen individuals win very large awards.


In general terms, the examples cited above involve the failure to disclose important information about RBS PPI. In other cases, inclusion of PPI when applying for credit was not disclosed at all. As prospective borrowers applied for a credit card, for example, whether it was over the Internet or over the phone, the true nature of PPI was not discussed or explained. Some borrowers report that they were made to believe that their loans would not be approved if they did not buy PPI, or at the very least that they had a better chance for approval.
These are examples of how RBS PPI on credit card or RBS PPI on loan could have been mis-sold, however they are not the only ways you may have been mis-sold RBS PPI. While it is in the bank’s interest to limit the number of RBS customers who file PPI compensations claims, we only work for you, so we take every measure to properly determine your eligibility. Here at Brownstar our approach is working with you and filing your claims assures you the maximum reimbursement.

In our experience and research, we have found many RBS customers—like the ones mentioned at the beginning of this article—who have encountered delays in the processing or receipt of their claims. We know that many people who held RBS credit cards or took out an RBS loan are due substantial compensation. Finally, we know that others are facing an RBS rejected PPI claim.
We should mention one more thing: Recent reports indicate that there are plans being formed to end all of the PPI claims programs. We don’t know when this will happen, but we are certain that someday authorities will end consumers’ ability to be compensated for mis-sold RBS PPI.
Add up all of these factors and it magnifies the importance of acting now and acting with confidence and experience on your side. Fortunately, with Brownstar’s fast, efficient and thorough service, we are able to overcome all of the barriers the banks are putting between you and the money you are owed, and is a great deal of money at stake. Here are just some of the highlights of our services: No Paperwork – No paper work is required in order to perform the search, however if you have any documents that support PPI policy on your account then please provide this information.


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We been filing and winning Royal Bank of Scotland PPI claims compensation awards for a long time and we’ve learned that it takes personal attention, follow through and advocacy. That is exactly what we provide for our customers and all you have to do to start the process and be on your way to receiving your compensation, is fill out the simple form below. One of our experts will contact you promptly.

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